Canadian Astronomy Publications - 94/03/14 to 94/06/21

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Preprints of Research Papers

The following is a list of preprints written by Canadian astronomers and received at the Astronomy library within the dates given above. The preprints are arranged in alphabetical order according to the surname of the first listed author. Originating institution and date of receipt at the library are given.

Bastien, P.; Asselin, L.; Menard, F. The circumstellar environment of two HAEBE stars.
Obs. Mont Megantic. 2-May-1994

Bernardeau, F.; Kofman, L. Properties of the cosmological density distribution function.
CITA. 7-Apr-1994

Bernardeau, F. The effects of smoothing on the statistical properties of large-scale 
cosmic fields. CITA. 24-Mar-1994

Bernardeau, F.; et al. Omega from the skewness of the cosmic velocity divergence. CITA.

Borra, E.F. Are BL Lacertae objects beamed QSO remnants? Obs. Mont Megantic. 30-

Buonanno, R.; Pecci, F.F.; Fahlman, G.G.; Richer, H.B. Two young galactic globular
clusters: Terzan 7 and Arp 2. UBC. 14-Apr-1994

Chaboyer, B. The primordial abundance of 6Li and 9Be. CITA. 9-Jun-1994

Chaboyer, B.; Demarque, P. 7Li abundances in halo stars: testing stellar evolution 
models and the primordial 7Li abundance. CITA. 21-Apr-1994

Coiol, R.; Demers, S.; Barneoud, R.; Pena, M. The Montreal blue galaxy survey II.
Second list of UV-bright candidates. Obs. Mont Megantic. 2-May-1994

Curry, C.; Pudritz, R.E.; Sutherland, P.G. On the global stability of magnetized
accretion disks: axisymmetric modes. McMaster U. 19-Apr-1994

Davidge, T.J.; Simons, D.A. Deep infrared array photometry of globular clusters. II.
M71. DAO. 3-May-1994

Deliyannis, C.P.; Malaney, R.A. Flare production of 6Li in population II stars. CITA. 

Evans, N.R.; Massa, D.; Teays, T.J. S Mus B revisited. ISTS York U. 14-Apr-1994

Fahlman, G.; et al. Dark matter in  ms1224 from distortion of background galaxies. CITA.

Frail, D.A.; Beasley, A.J. Stellar OH masers toward globular clusters. NRAO. 31-

Freedman, W.L. The local group as a stepping stone to the universe. Obs. Carnegie Inst.

Gabuzda, D.C.; et al. Unusual evolution in the VLBI structure of 0735+178. U Calgary. 

Gabuzda, D.C.; et al. Evolution of the milliarcsecond total intensity and polarization
structures of BL Lacertae objects. U Calgary. 18-May-1994

Glaspey, J.W.; Pritchet, C.J.; Stetson, P.B. Lithium in high velocity A and F stars:
constraints on the blue straggler phenomenon. CFHT. 13-May-1994

Hutchings, J.B.; et al. HST imaging of QSOs with WFPC2. DAO. 3-May-1994

Hutchings, J.B.; Morris, S.C.; Gower, A.C.; Lister, M.L. Correlated optical and radio
structure in the QSO 1302-102. DAO. 3-May-1994

Keogh, W.G.; Martin, P.G. Molecular trajectory calculations on a network of workstations
using PVM. CITA. 24-May-1994

Kim, S.-H.; Martin, P.G. The size distribution of interstellar dust particles as 
determined from polarization: infinite cylinders. CITA. 29-Mar-1994

Kofman, L.; Pogosyan, D. Equations of gravitational instability are non-local. CITA. 

Langill, P.P.; Kwok, S.; Hrivnak, B.J. High resolution optical imaging of the 'frosty 
Leo nebula' U Calgary. 20-May-1994

Malaney, R.A.; Starkman, G.D.; Tremaine, S. Time delays of supernova neutrinos from
new long-range interactions. CITA. 21-Jun-1994

Meurer, G.R.; Mackie, G.; Carignan, C. Optical observations of NGC 2915: a nearby blue
compact dwarf galaxy. Obs. Mont Megantic. 2-May-1994

Murray, N.; Grossman, S.A.; Chiang, J. Accretion disk winds from active galactic nuclei.
CITA. 21-Jun-1994

Piatek, S.; et al. Mass-to-light ratios for globular clusters. III. M107 (NGC 6171; GC
1629-129)  DAO. 3-May-1994

Piche, F.; Vrba, F.J.; Luginbuhl, C.B. An optical-infrared color-color diagram for
finding young stars with infrared excess. U Rochester.  9-Jun-1994

Pineault, S.; Landry, S. Impact of small bodies on the discs around compact objects - 
I.Impact statistics. Obs. Mont Megantic. 2-May-1994

Pritchet, C.J.; van den Bergh, S. Faint surface photometry of the halo of M31. DAO. 

Saha, P.; Tremaine, S. Long-term planetary integration with individual time steps. 
CITA. 29-Mar-1994

Stockton, A.; Ridgway, S.E.; Lilly, S. Continuum and line emission in Cygnus A. 
U Hawaii. 11-May-1994

Syer, D. Relativistic dynamical friction in the weak scattering limit. CITA. 

Syer, D. Implications of neutrino balls as the source of gamma-ray bursts. CITA. 

Vader, J.P.; Chaboyer, B. The RSA survey of dwarf galaxies I. Optical photometry.
CITA. 21-Jun-1994

Wehlau, A.; Froelich, N. The variables of M14. UWO. 18-Mar-1994

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