1999 CASCA CGPS Poster

Canadian Galactic Plane Survey: Phase 2

The poster can also be viewed on a single massive web page of full-scale inline images, but these are several MB and may be tedious to download. The images can be viewed individually if desired. Finally, gzipped PS copies of each page can be downloaded separately:

  1. Title and Author List
  2. CGPS Introduction
  3. Why We Need High Resolution
  4. Dwingeloo vs. CGPS Resolution Comparison
  5. CGPS Phase 2: Building on Success
  6. Phase 1 Science Highlights: The Galactic Chimney
  7. Phase 1 Science Highlights: HI Self-Absorption Regions
  8. Molecular Clouds in the Making?
  9. Phase 1 Science Highlights: Stellar Wind-ISM Interactions
  10. Phase 1 Science Highlights: Theoretical Understanding of HI Structures
  11. Hydrodynamical Simulations
  12. Phase 2: Polarimetry and Magnetic Fields
  13. Mapping the Galactic Magnetic Field
  14. Phase 2: The Local Spiral Arm
  15. Phase 2: The Disk-Halo Connection
  16. Phase 2 Disk-Halo Target Regions
  17. Phase 2: The Cepheus Flare Clouds
If you have any questions about this poster, please contact Lewis Knee.