[Photograph of the CGPS field in the Milky Way]

DRAO Galactic Plane Survey Publications

In the late 1980s, a ``DRAO Galactic Plane Survey'' was conceived to map portions of the Galactic plane ISM with 24 separate DRAO Synthesis Telescope fields over a longitude range of 65 to 180 degrees. Only a few DGPS fields were actually observed before the project was shelved in favor of a more ambitious scheme: to map a large continuous area with overlapping fields, as demonstrated by a 10-field pilot study (somewhat confusingly, the new survey was also called the DRAO Galactic Plane Survey at first, and then just the Galactic Plane Survey, before finally being named the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey in 1997). Although the original DGPS was never completed, its observations yielded important and lasting results. Papers related to this work are listed below; titles link to NASA ADS abstracts.

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