Program for


A Workshop hosted by the
Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
National Research Council of Canada
22-28 August 1998, Naramata, BC

Sponsored by the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics,
the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey Consortium,
and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

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Program Outline

  • Poster Presentations

    1. Dust
    2. Molecular Gas and Star Formation
    3. Atomic Gas
    4. Ionized Gas

      Invited and Contributed Talks

      Invited speakers are highlighted in bold

      SUNDAY, August 23

      08:10 Marilyn Mottola (Naramata Centre)
      Welcome to the Naramata Centre

      08:20 Tom Landecker (Director, DRAO)
      Introduction to the Workshop


      08:30 Russ Taylor (U. Calgary, Canada)
      Continuum Results from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey

      09:00 Lloyd Higgs (DRAO, Canada)
      The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey: Atomic Hydrogen Observations

      09:30 David Green (MRAO, UK)
      A Survey of the Northern Galactic Plane at 151 MHz - the 7C(G) Survey

      10:00 [break/posters]

      10:30 Anne Green (U. Sydney, Australia)
      The Molonglo Galactic Plane Surveys

      11:00 Mark Heyer (U. Massachusetts, USA)
      The Five Colleges CO Survey of the Outer Galaxy

      11:30 Roy Duncan (MPIfR, Germany)
      Polarimetric Investigations of the Galactic Plane at GHz Frequencies

      12:00 [break for lunch]

      14:00 K.R. Anantharamaiah (NRAO, USA) & N.G. Kantharia (Raman Research Institute, India)
      High Rydberg State Carbon Recombination Lines From the Galactic Plane

      14:15 D. Anish Roshi (NCRA, India) & K.R. Anantharamaiah (Raman Research Institute, India)
      A Study of the Extended Low-Density Ionized Gas in the Galactic Disk using Observations of the Diffuse Hydrogen Recombination Lines near 327 MHz


      14:30 Martin Cohen (U. California, Berkeley, USA)
      High Resolution Mid-Infrared Images of the ISM from the MSX Satellite

      15:00 Charles Beichman (Caltech, USA)
      High Resolution Infrared Observations of the Galaxy

      15:30 [break/posters]

      16:00 Peter Martin (CITA, Canada)
      Interstellar Dust in the WIRE to PLANCK Era

      16:30 H. Matthews (JAC Hilo, USA/HIA Victoria, Canada)
      The Contribution of SCUBA to Studies of the ISM

      16:45 Quentin Parker (Anglo-Australian Observatory, Australia)
      The AAO/UKST H-alpha Survey

      17:15 [end session]

      19:30 Martin Cohen (U. California, Berkeley, USA)
      MSX Video Screening (37 minutes + discussion)

      MONDAY, August 24


      08:30 Ron Reynolds (U. Wisconsin, USA)
      The Gaseous ISM: Observations with the Wisconsin H-alpha Mapper (WHAM)

      09:15 Neb Duric (U. New Mexico, USA)
      The Cosmic Ray and Magnetic Field Components of the ISM

      10:00 [break/posters]

      10:30 Francois Boulanger (U. Paris, France)
      Dust Nature and Evolution among the various ISM Components

      11:15 R. Weinberger, M. Gajdosik & S. Temporin (U. Innsbruk, Austria)
      Foundations for the Empirical and Theoretical Models of the Distribution and Heating of Dust

      11:30 D. Finkbeiner, M. Davis (U. California, Berkeley, USA)
      Spectrum of Interstellar Dust from 30-3000 GHz

      11:45 A. Lazarian (Princeton U. Observatory, USA)
      Microwave Emission from Dust: Mechanisms, Properties and Prospects for ISM Studies

      12:05 [break for lunch]


      14:00 Carl Heiles (U. California, Berkeley, USA)
      The Eridanus Superbubble in its Multiwavelength Glory

      14:45 D.A. Leahy (U. Calgary, Canada)
      The Cygnus Loop: a Prototype for Radio Studies of SNRs

      15:00 [break/posters]

      15:30 [free time]

      19:30 Ralph Pudritz (McMaster U., Canada)
      Compression, Self-Gravitation and the Roots of Star Formation


      20:15 W. Reich (MPIfR, Germany)
      The Effelsberg Continuum and Polarization Surveys of the Galactic Plane

      20:30 B. Uyaniker (MPIfR, Germany)
      Polarized Emission Structures in the Local ISM

      20:45 M. Peracaula, A.R. Taylor, T.L. Bellchamber (U. Calgary, Canada), A.D. Gray, T.L. Landecker (DRAO, Canada)
      Polarization Structures in the Milky Way

      21:00 J.C. Brown, A.R. Taylor, M. Peracaula (U. Calgary, Canada)
      Faraday Rotation and the Diffuse Ionized Medium

      21:15 P. Katgert (Leiden Observatory, Holland)
      The Structure of the ISM on pc Scales from Small-Scale Structure in the Polarized Background

      21:30 [end of session]

      TUESDAY, August 25


      08:30 Michael Dahlem (ESTEC, Holland)
      Disk-Halo Interactions in External Galaxies - an Overview

      09:15 Magdalen Normandeau (U. California, Berkeley, USA) & Shantanu Basu (CITA, Canada)
      Observations and Modelling of the Disk-Halo Interaction in our Galaxy

      10:00 [break/posters]

      10:30 Mordecai-Mark Mac Low (MPIfA, Germany)
      The Interaction of the Disk with the Halo

      11:15 W.B. Burton (Leiden Observatory, Holland)
      The Role Played by HI in Absorbing the Soft X-Ray Background

      11:30 M. Elitzur (U. Kentucky/NASA-GSFC, USA)
      OH 1720-MHz Masers - the Best Indicators of C-Shocks and Maser Saturation

      11:45 C.R. O'Dell (Rice U., USA)
      Outflows from the Orion Nebula

      12:00 [break for lunch]

      Session 7: GLOBAL MODELS

      14:00 Katia Ferrière (Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, France)
      Large-Scale Model of the Interstellar Medium, with New Constraints on the Hot Gas Component

      14:45 Enrique Vázquez-Semadeni (UNAM, Mexico)
      Interstellar Turbulence and Cloud Formation

      15:30 [break/posters]

      16:00 I. Goldman (Tel Aviv U., Israel)
      A Simple Approach to ISM Turbulence

      16:15 M.J. Korpi & I. Tuominen (U. Oulu, Finland), A. Brandenburg & A. Shukurov (U. Newcastle, UK)
      Supernova-Driven Interstellar Turbulence

      16:30 J. Maron, P. Goldreich & M. Stone (Caltech, USA)
      MHD Turbulence and Scintillation

      16:45 A.F.J. Moffat (U. Montreal, Canada)
      Turbulent Stellar Winds Feeding the ISM

      17:00 Y. Grosdidier, A.F.J. Moffat (U. Montreal, Canada), G. Joncas (U. Laval, Canada), A. Acker (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, France)
      HST/WFPC2 H-alpha Imagery of the Nebula M1-67: Interface Between Clumpy Stellar Winds and Clumpy ISM

      17:15 W.B. Burton (Leiden Observatory, Holland) & R. Braun (NFRA, Holland)
      Compact, Isolated High-Velocity Clouds (CHVCs)

      17:30 [end of session]

      WEDNESDAY, August 26


      08:30 Gilles Joncas (U. Laval, Canada)
      The Structure of the Atomic Gas

      09:15 T. Voskes (Leiden Observatory, Holland)
      The Large-Scale Structure of the Outer Galaxy HI Layer

      09:30 M.D. Faison (U. Wisconsin/NRAO, USA), W.M. Goss, P.J. Diamond & G.B. Taylor (NRAO, USA)
      VLBA Imaging of Small-Scale Structure in the Galactic HI

      09:45 S.J. Gibson, A.R. Taylor (U.Calgary, Canada), P.E. Dewdney, L.A. Higgs (DRAO, Canada), W.H. McCutcheon (U. British Columbia, Canada) & H.J. Wendker (U. Hamburg, Germany)
      Neutral Hydrogen Self-Absorption Features in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey

      10:00 [break/posters]

      10:30 Mark Heyer & Christopher Brunt (U. Massachusetts, USA)
      The Kinematic and Spatial Structure of the Molecular Gas Component

      11:15 S. Sakamoto (NRO, Japan), T. Hasegawa, T. Handa, J. Morino, (U. Tokyo, Japan), T. Oka (RIKEN, Japan), K.S Usuda & M. Hayashi (NAOJ, USA)
      The Tokyo-Nobeyama CO J=2-1 Galactic Plane Survey

      11:30 T. Handa et al. (U. Tokyo, Japan)
      A CO (2-1) Survey of the Galactic Plane with the 60-cm Telescope to Explore Density and Temperature of Molecular Gas

      11:45 L.B.G. Knee & B. Wallace (DRAO, Canada)
      Atomic Gas Streaming from a Molecular Cloud in the Perseus Arm?

      12:00 [break for lunch]

      13:00 [afternoon tour to DRAO]

      Session 9: ENERGY INJECTION

      19:30 Annick Pouquet, S. Galtier & H. Politano (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, France)
      What are some of the Possible Mechanisms of Energy Dissipation and Redistribution among Scales in the Turbulent Interstellar Medium?

      20:15 Tatiana Lozinskaya (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia)
      Supershells Formed by Supernovae and Stellar Winds from OB Associations: on the Nature of the Two-Component Kinematics

      21:00 [end of session]

      THURSDAY, August 27

      Session 10: REVIEW

      08:30 Peter Dewdney (DRAO, Canada)
      New Observations and Techniques: Review

      09:15 John Dickey (U. Minnesota, USA)
      Topology and Energy Injection: Review

      10:00 [break/posters]

      10:30 Peter Martin (CITA, Canada)
      Physical States and Processes: Review

      11:15 Neb Duric (U. New Mexico, USA)
      Disk-Halo and Global Models: Review

      12:00 [break for lunch]


      14:00 New Perspectives: Where Do We Go from Here?

      15:30 [break/posters]

      16:00 Discussion continued.

      17:30 [end of session]

      Poster Presentations

      Category 1: DUST

      1.1. C.R. Kerton and P.G. Martin (CITA, Canada)
      Multiwavelength Studies of Interstellar Dust Using WIRE and MIGA

      1.2. A. Lazarian (Princeton U. Observatory, USA)
      Resonance Paramagnetic Relaxation and Alignment of Ultrasmall Grains


      2.1. Shantanu Basu (CITA, Canada)
      Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Circumstellar Disks in Rotating Magnetized Cloud Cores

      2.2. P.D. Bennett, G.M. Harper, A. Brown (CASA, USA), G.C. Clayton (LSU, USA)
      Is the Extended Red Emission due to CO?

      2.3. Jason D. Fiege and Ralph E. Pudritz (McMaster U., Canada)
      Helical Fields and Filamentary Molecular Clouds

      2.4. B.C. Matthews and C.D. Wilson (McMaster U., Canada)
      Protostars in the Molecular ISM: Probing their Structure with SCUBA at the JCMT

      2.5. Seiichi Sakamoto (NRO, Japan), Tetsuo Hasegawa & Jun-Ichi Morino (U. Tokyo, Japan), Masahiko Hayashi & Kumiko S. Usuda (NAO, Japan)
      Detailed Structure of Low-Density Molecular Gas in Giant Molecular Clouds

      2.6. Seiichi Sakamoto (NRO, Japan)
      Detailed Structure of High Latitude Clouds

      2.7. Seiichi Sakamoto (NRO, Japan), Akihiko Tomita (Wakayama U., Japan)
      Vertical Motion of Molecular and Ionized Gas in Nearby Face-on Galaxies

      Category 3: ATOMIC GAS

      3.1. T. E. Clarke, Michael D. Gladders, Christopher R. Burns, A. Attard, M. P. Casey, Devon Hamilton, Gabriela Mallén-Ornelas, J. L. Karr, Sara M. Poirier, Marcin Sawicki, L. Felipe Barrientos, and Stefan W. Mochnacki (U. Toronto, Canada)
      The DDO IVC Distance Project: First Results

      3.2. J.M. Dickey (U. Minnesota, USA), A. Green (U. Sydney, Australia), R. Haynes & M. Wieringa (ATNF, Australia)
      An ATCA+Parkes 21-cm Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane

      3.3. Simon Gervais and Nicole St-Louis (U. Montréal, Canada)
      A Large HI Shell Surrounding the Wolf-Rayet Star HD191765

      3.4. V. de Heij (Leiden Obs., Netherlands)
      Neutral Hydrogen at Intermediate Velocitie

      3.5. Philip T. Komljenovic (York U. & CITA, Canada), Shantanu Basu & Doug Johnstone (CITA, Canada)
      Using Numerical Techniques to Gain Insight into the Structure of Superbubbles

      3.6. D. Routledge (U. Alberta, Canada) & B.J. Wallace (DRAO, Canada)
      The HI Cloud at (l,b) = (89.8,3.8)---the Cylon

      3.7. B.J. Wallace and L.B.G. Knee (DRAO, Canada)
      HI streamers and cones: Signatures of molecular cloud destruction?

      3.8. B.J. Wallace (DRAO, Canada)
      J2029+3744---a pulsar with an HI envelope?

      3.9. L. Young (NMSU, USA), M. Normandeau & C. Heiles (UC Berkeley, USA)
      HI Emission and Zeeman Splitting in One of the Spider's Legs

      Category 4: IONIZED GAS

      4.1. M.L. Allen and P.P. Kronberg (U. Toronto, Canada)
      Separation of Thermal and Non-thermal Emission in the Nucleus of M82

      4.2. D.A. Leahy (U. Calgary, Canda), Zhang, X. (BAO, China), Wu, X. & Lin, J. (Peking U., China)
      Spectral index variations in the Supernova Remnant HB9

      4.3. J.V. Precious, S. Phillipps (U. Bristol, U.K.), Q.A. Parker (AAO, Australia)
      New Images From The UKST H-alpha Survey

      4.4. J. Rossa and R.-J. Dettmar (Ruhr-U. at Bochum, Germany)
      New detections of extraplanar diffuse ionized gas in a small sample of edge-on spiral galaxies

      4.5. R. Weinberger, H. Hartl, S. Temporin, and C. Zanin (U. Innsbruck, Austria)
      A Sample Of New Galactic Emission Nebulae

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