The DRAO Galactic Plane Survey Pilot Project: The W3/4/5/HB3 region

M. Normandeau, A.R. Taylor and P.E. Dewdney (1997, ApJS 108, 279)

The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, in collaboration with other sites, recently began a Galactic plane survey. The data from the pilot project for this survey are presented here. They cover the W3/W4/W5/HB3 Galactic complex in the Perseus arm. Ten fields were observed to produce mosaic images of this region at two continuum frequencies, 408 MHz and 1420 MHz, as well as in the 21 cm spectral line of atomic hydrogen at 127 velocities covering +55.5 km/s to -153.9 km/s. At 1420 MHz (continuum and spectral line), an area of approximately 8deg x 6deg (l x b) is imaged with a resolution of 1.00' x 1.14' (EW x NS), whereas at 408 MHz, the coverage was 14deg x 10deg (l x b) with a resolution of 3.5' x 4.0' (EW x NS). The spectral line data cube constitutes the highest resolution atomic hydrogenstudy of the entire complex to date. A wealth of large scale filaments, arcs, bubbles and shells is revealed.

The full paper is available in postscript format as well as the figures:

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