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Maintained by Magdalen Normandeau,this site describes other projects as well as the Anchor.
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For the January 1999 AAS:

Press Release Material
figure 2

These are Illustrations and text for the press release. Embargoed until 10:00 AM Jan. 8, 1999

Chose the Public Outreach Image

These are options for Illustration 1 in the press release.

Dimensions on Moment Maps
This includes new velocity information (FWHM of structure) as well as dimensions (units are in parsec).
This hardly looks like a mushsroom when turned so that the cap is up.
I'm working on a colour image that might emphasize the shape better...

Local Worm
I think we found another vertical structure.
At a distance of ~1 kpc, it is only 77 pc high though.

Old Work and Anwers to Questions:

Characteristics of Anchor
Parameters to use in models.
Stem Velocities
(for Shantanu originally)
Cap Velocities
(for Sergey originally)
Image Gallery
(for Charles Kerton originally)