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Cygnus Region tif image
Composed by Jayanne English with support by A. R. Taylor (CGPS/U. of Calgary).
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Vista of the Cygnus Region of the Milky Way Galaxy

Radio and Far Infrared Continuum Emission

Examples of the Detail at Full Resolution
detail of SNR
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Colours Assigned to Data

Artefacts: Note that a circular region in the upper right hand corner has been coloured black. This covers artefacts from a very bright radio source, Cygnus A. Some grid-like striations are still visible just below this region. Although IRAS did not image a strip in the very lower left corner, its absence has little impact on this colour image.

Copyright and Credit Information
The following materials are copyrighted by the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey/Releve Canadien du Plan Galactique (CGPS/RCPG). They are intended as a news release material and for use for educational, academic, and research purposes and are not intended for commercial sale. Please contact Jayanne English (email: to inquire about permission for other non-commercial and/or commercial uses.
Image Credit:
Composed for the CGPS by Jayanne English with the support of A. R. Taylor (CGPS/U. Calgary).
The CGPS is supported by the National Research Council of Canada and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

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For information about the activities of the Canadian astronomical community, please contact Robert Lamont ((514) 343-6111).

For information about the construction of these images, contact Jayanne English ((204)-474-7105).

A. Russ Taylor, University of Calgary, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 2500 University Drive, N.W., Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 1N4; PHONE: 403 220-5385; FAX: 403 289-3331

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