[Photograph of the CGPS field in the Milky Way]

CGPS Data Products

The Primary CGPS Data Set is available from the Canadian Astronomical Data Centre.

We ask that papers that use CGPS data provide the following acknowledgement:

``The research presented in this paper has used data from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey, a Canadian project with international partners, supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.''
The official paper to cite for a description of the CGPS is Taylor et al. 2003, AJ, 125, 3145.

Below is a full list of all CGPS data products, grouped into three categories:

  1. Primary Data - the official CGPS map and cube mosaic images
  2. Companion Surveys - other related survey data in the same region
  3. Derived Data - extracted from the primary data for specific analyses
Each entry gives the relevant paper and associated data links. A list of all CGPS papers is available on a separate page.

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