1997 CASCA poster on the CGPS - postscript files

Some people have requested postscript copies of the recent (June 1997) CASCA meeting overview poster on the CGPS. The poster panels are given below, both individually and as a single package.

Individual Panels

The following are gzipped postscript files of all the panels of the poster. To download them directly to a disk file without having netscape invoke a postscript viewer, click on the link with the rightmost mouse button.

All text panels are black and white. All figure panels are color except the image key for Figure 7.


  1. Abstract (30k)
  2. Introduction (23k)
  3. Scientific Goals (19k)
  4. Survey Component Schematic (2k)
  5. Observing Parameters (28k)
  6. Figure Captions (52k) (scissors required)


  1. Milky Way 6500Å optical:
  2. DRAO survey status (65k)
  3. FCRAO 2nd quadrant 12CO survey (68k)
  4. Milky Way 100um IRAS:
  5. VW-Mosaic 21cm I-continuum (550k)
  6. Pilot-Mosaic 21cm I-continuum (305k)
  7. NO-Mosaic 21cm I-continuum (291k)
  8. A-Mosaic 21cm I-continuum (809k)
  9. A-Mosaic 21cm HI line (983k)
  10. A-Mosaic 21cm Q-continuum (2153k)
  11. A-Mosaic 74cm I-continuum (606k)

Note: Some assembly is required for Figures 1 and 4. Labels (included in the caption document) can be attached to identify constellations (in the optical map) and mosaic fields (in the IR map). Galactic longitude and latitude need to be added by hand with a pen. A page on the CGPS public site (http://www.ras.ucalgary.ca/CGPS/where/) may be helpful in putting these figures together.

Entire Poster

You may also download all of these files together in a single tarfile (8284k).

Please direct any questions to gibson@ras.ucalgary.ca.