CGPS Science Project:
Disk-Halo Interactions

The Disk-Halo Team

Shantanu Basu
Jayanne English
Carle Heiles
Judith Irwin
Sergey Mashchenko syam@ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Russ Taylor
New Members (2002)
Jennifer West umwestjl@cc.UManitoba.CA


The Mushroom
The "Mushroom"
The Chimney
The "Chimney"

This team has been organized to study vertical HI features emanating from the disk. These objects should indicate how the gas in the Galaxy's halo is replenished and the halo's energy input is maintained. These systematic studies will examine, on a parsec scale, the interaction of stars with the ISM. Hence we expect our results to be relevant to other CGPS subprojects.

Details about the science drivers are available in Newsletter Articles and in the NSERC proposals. Projects, historic and current, are listed at the science project registry.


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