Stellar Wind Phenomena

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Stellar Wind Phenomena


Several CGPS science projects touch on the topic of stellar winds. This page is meant to be a central link to information about these various endeavours in an effort to avoid overlap and duplication of effort. Please let me know when you start studying a new object so that I can add it to the list on these pages. As requested at the CGPS stellar winds birds-of-a-feather discussion, you should also send a brief email message to the entire consortium.

Stellar wind science registry projects

Most of the links below point to the registry description. If web sites for the various projects are created, these links will be used here (see e.g. the Wolf-Rayet project link).

Objects presently being studied

(Some names have the format Glongitude±latitude±vLSR where the LSR velocity is the one at which the shell is most clearly seen or is fully developed)

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