CGPS Project Science Registry

The Rules

  1. Individuals or groups who propose to carry out a specific project should announce their intention to the members of the science team under which the project most appropriately falls, and to the GPS management team.
  2. The project must be open to collaboration from all members of the science team, but there should be no frivolous addition of collaborators, i.e. each collaborator should have a reasonably well defined role in the project.
  3. Projects will be registered with the consortium by title and list of investigators. The GPS management team will maintain the registry of projects and it will be available by electronic means to all consortium members.
  4. Consortium members interested in collaborating on a project listed in the registry should contact the individuals involved to arrange to join the investigating team.
  5. After a project has been listed on the registry for a period of one-month, the investigating team will be considered closed, except by invitation of the investigating team itself.
  6. By agreement of the investigating team, non-Consortium scientists may be involved in specific projects. In case of conflict, the management team reserves the right to veto the inclusion of non-Consortium scientists during the one-month posting period of the project.
  7. Non-consortium scientists are not to be given free access to the GPS database as part of their involvement in a project.
Papers based on DRAO GPS data should include the following acknowledgement:
The DRAO Galactic Plane Survey is a Canadian project with international partners. The Domininion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated as a national facility by the National Research Council of Canada. The Survey is supported by a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
Papers that also make use of the Cambridge 151 MHz survey data should add the following:
The Cambridge Low Frequency Synthesis Telescope is operated by the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory of the University of Cambridge, with support from the UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC).
Papers that make use of the IRAS IGA data should refer to the following pubication
Cao, Y., Terebey, S., Prince, T. A., Beichman, C. A. 1997, ApJ. Supp., 111, 387.
Acknowledgements for the other survey projects to appear here soon.

Project Registered to Date

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