Compact Radio Sources in the Galactic Plane

Christopher L. Butenhoff

High sensitivity and resolution observations from the Pilot project of the ongoing Canadian Galactic Plane Survey have been used to investigate the compact radio source population along the Galactic plane. The sensitivity and coverage of the observations provide an unprecedented unbiassed look at the faint Galactic radio source population.

The 408 MHz and 1420 MHz observations cover L=128°-141° from B=-4° to +7°, and L=131°-139° from B=-2° to +4°, with minimum detection levels of approximately 16 mJy and 1.5 mJy, respectively. Integral source counts suggest 15% of the total source population is Galactic in nature.

Linear polarisation observations and spectral indicies were used to search for those sources with characteristic pulsar properties. Due to high dispersion measures in the Pilo t region, this technique of pulsar detection may prove more sensitive than conventional techniques.