Canadian Participation in VSOP

Canadian technology and scientists will play a key role in the VSOP project. The Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology at York University has developed a high speed data-recording device, called the S2 recorder, which is used to record data from VLBI observations. These have been distributed to a number of ground-based observatories to provide the ground-based elements for the radio interferometer, and to the telemetry stations of the NASA deep space network to record scientific data from the spacecraft. Data from each separate VSOP ground observatory having an S2 recorder, as well as Halca data recorded on the S2, will be combined (correlated) at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO). Some of this data is then calibrated and imaged here at the University of Calgary Radio Astronomy Lab. Funding for the development and deployment of the Canadian technology comes primarily from the Canadian Space Agency.

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