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A Majestic Gas Shell Revealed by the VLA

Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI and Jayanne English (U. Manitoba) & Jeroen Stil, supported by Russ Taylor (U. Calgary)

This image from the VLA Galactic Plane Survey Stil et al. (2006) AJ 132, 1158 won the 2006 NRAO/AUI image contest for the best radio astronomy image.

The location of the shell in our Galaxy with respect to the Sun (circle with dot in the panel on the right). The location of the shell is marked by the blue diamond. We believe the shell is located in the Perseus spiral arm as shown in this image. The topmost panel shows a wide panorama of radio emission from hot gas in the Galactic plane, while the shell itself is made up of much cooler gas. The blue rectangle indicates the field of view centered on the shell (lower left).