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Comment on J0627-3529

We have detected the core of an FR-I object and early-type galaxy (Venturi et al. 1995). The core is 0.54 Jy at 2.3 GHz on the Parkes-Tidbinbilla baseline (Morganti et al. 1997) and 0.6 Jy at 5 GHz (VLA data, Ekers et al. (1989) and Morganti, Killeen & Tadhunter (1993)). The VLBA image at 2.3 GHz with the resolution of 15x9 mas shows a "core-jet" structure, with the core brightness of 494 mJy/beam (Venturi et al. 1995). The faint component to the SE of the core is in the direction of the larger-scale jet. Our correlation position was 22" north of the core position, so our image may have some distortion.

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Last modified: 16 Oct 2000