Of course, in any large scale project such as this, there will inevitably be a few lulls in productivity (and sanity). We were able to catch some of these on film and they have been included here for the sake of scientific integrity. Clearly, the pressures involved in this type of work are not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, no one was hospitalized, and all disfigurements were minor.

Brenda's inner city upbringing manifests itself.

Not paying attention, Chris inadvertently gets caught up in the telescope pointing process.

The members of the team take a well deserved break after another gruelling afternoon of watching Fred work.

Despite warnings, Brenda insisted on playing with the dish without proper supervision.

Preliminary testing procedures.

Being overly eager for results, disappointment was inevitable.

Bakwa wisely points out that we've been looking in the wrong end!

The team perfects the pointing dance, an ancient astronomy ritual designed to ensure good observations.

Fearful of how it would affect their grade, the team decides not to tamper with the laws of physics.

For Sale: One slightly used radio telescope.