Telescope ASPH 611 Term Project
A University of Calgary Department of Physics and Astronomy
Graduate Course in Radio Astronomy

Brief Intro to Radio Astronomy
FT Theory
Telescope Information
Telescope Pointing
First Light
Radio Sources of Interest
Acquisition Software
Electronics Characterisation
Temperature Conversion
Noise Investigation
Preliminary Observations
RFI Problems
PRIMARY Observation
ASPH 611 Team

Project Team

  • Julie Grant, Radio Astronomy Graduate Student
  • Nicole Kaiser, Planetary Science Graduate Student
  • Annalisa De Cia, Exchange Student from Italy
  • Dave Gibson, Interstellar Medium Graduate Student
  • Christy Bredeson, Radio Astronomy Graduate Student
  • Sukhpreet Guram, Radio Astronomy Graduate Student
  • Jeff Dever, Research Support Staff
  • Fred Babott, Research Support Staff

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