The "AnimateControl" Widget

This widget provides an animation control in a popup.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


AnimateControl_ResourceNamesList of resource names for AnimateControl widget
AnimateControl_ResourcesList of resources for AnimateControl widget


XkwAnimateControlPopdownPop down the widget.


AnimateControl_ResourceNames List of resource names for AnimateControl widget

Name Purpose
XkwNnumFrames The number of frames in the movie
XkwNstartFrame The starting frame number
XkwNendFrame The end frame number
XkwNcurrentFrame The current frame number
XkwNnewFrameCallback The callback when a new frame should be displayed

AnimateControl_Resources List of resources for AnimateControl widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XkwNnumFrames XkwCNumFrames XtRInt 0
XkwNstartFrame XkwCStartFrame XtRInt 0
XkwNendFrame XkwCEndFrame XtRInt 0
XkwNcurrentFrame XkwCCurrentFrame XtRInt 0
XkwNnewFrameCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL


EXPERIMENTAL FUNCTION: subject to change without notice

void XkwAnimateControlPopdown (Widget W)

Pop down the widget.


Returns: Nothing.
Multithreading Level: Unsafe

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