The "Canvas" Widget

This widget allows you to create a viewing canvas. The canvas created is a pixel canvas (KPixCanvas class from the kwin package).

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


Canvas_ResourceNamesList of resource names for Canvas widget
Canvas_ResourcesList of resources for Canvas widget


Canvas_ResourceNames List of resource names for Canvas widget

Name Purpose
XtNvisual The visual type
XkwNstereoMode The desired stereo mode
XkwNverticalSplit If TRUE use a vertical split for split stereo mode
XkwNsplitSeparation Separation between the split stereo canvasses
XkwNmonoPixCanvas The monoscopic pixel canvas
XkwNleftPixCanvas The stereoscopic left pixel canvas
XkwNrightPixCanvas The stereoscopic right pixel canvas
XkwNclipEvents If TRUE clip events to pixel canvas boundary
XkwNsilenceUnconsumed If TRUE do not report unconsumed events
XtNforeground The foreground pixel
XkwNforceNewCmap If TRUE force a new colourmap
XkwNretainFgBg If TRUE copy the foreground and background colours
XkwNrealiseCallback The realise callback
XtNfont The font
XkwNverbose If TRUE verbose messages are displayed

Canvas_Resources List of resources for Canvas widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XtNvisual XtCVisual XtRVisual CopyFromParent
XkwNstereoMode XkwCStereoMode XtRInt XkwSTEREO_MODE_MONO
XkwNverticalSplit XkwCVerticalSplit XtRBool False
XkwNsplitSeparation XkwCSplitSeparation XtRInt 0
XkwNmonoPixCanvas XkwCPixCanvas XtRPointer NULL
XkwNleftPixCanvas XkwCPixCanvas XtRPointer NULL
XkwNrightPixCanvas XkwCPixCanvas XtRPointer NULL
XkwNclipEvents XkwCClipEvents XtRBool False
XkwNsilenceUnconsumed XkwCSilenceUnconsumed XtRBool False
XtNforeground XtCForeground XtRPixel XtDefaultForeground
XkwNforceNewCmap XkwCForceNewCmap XtRBool False
XkwNretainFgBg XkwCRetainFgBg XtRBool False
XkwNrealiseCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL
XtNfont XtCFont XtRString NULL
XkwNshowBindings XkwCShowBindings XtRBool False
XkwNprocessSpecialKeys XkwCProcessSpecialKeys XtRBool True
XkwNverbose XkwCVerbose XtRBool False

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