The "Cmapwin" Widget

This widget provides controls to manipulate a PseudoColour colourmap.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


Cmapwin_ResourceNamesList of resource names for Cmapwin widget
Cmapwin_ResourcesList of resources for Cmapwin widget


Cmapwin_ResourceNames List of resource names for Cmapwin widget

Name Purpose
XkwNcolourbarVisual The visual for the colourbar
XkwNcolourCallback The callback when the thumb is moved
XkwNkarmaColourmap The Karma colourmap (kcmap) object
XkwNregenerateColourmap Set to TRUE to regenerate the colourmap
XkwNsimpleColourbar If TRUE, a colourbar without a thumb is drawn
XkwNdisableScaleSliders If TRUE, do not show the RGB scale sliders

Cmapwin_Resources List of resources for Cmapwin widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XkwNcolourbarVisual XtCVisual XtRVisual CopyFromParent
XkwNcolourCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL
XkwNkarmaColourmap XkwCKarmaColourmap XtRPointer NULL
XkwNregenerateColourmap XkwCRegenerateColourmap XtRBool False
XkwNsimpleColourbar XkwCSimpleColourbar XtRBool False
XkwNdisableScaleSliders XkwCDisableScaleSliders XtRBool FALSE

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