The "ExclusiveMenu" Widget

This widget provides an exclusive choice menu.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


ExclusiveMenu_ResourceNamesList of resource names for ExclusiveMenu widget
ExclusiveMenu_ResourcesList of resources for ExclusiveMenu widget


ExclusiveMenu_ResourceNames List of resource names for ExclusiveMenu widget

Name Purpose
XkwNchoiceName The name of the choice menu
XkwNitemStrings The array of menu item strings (the choices)
XkwNnumItems The number of items (choices) in the menu
XkwNselectCallback The callback when a choice is selected
XkwNvaluePtr A value pointer to which the choice index is written
XkwNsetChoice Set the current choice
XkwNcallCallbacksOnSet If TRUE call callbacks on setting with setChoice
XkwNcaseInsensitive If TRUE, setChoice is case insensitive

ExclusiveMenu_Resources List of resources for ExclusiveMenu widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XkwNchoiceName XkwCChoiceName XtRString NULL
XkwNitemStrings XkwCItemStrings XtRPointer NULL
XkwNnumItems XkwCNumItems XtRInt 0
XkwNselectCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL
XkwNvaluePtr XkwCValuePtr XtRPointer NULL
XkwNsetChoice XkwCSetChoice XtRString NULL
XkwNcallCallbacksOnSet XkwCCallCallbacksOnSet XtRBool False
XkwNcaseInsensitive XkwCCaseInsensitive XtRBool False

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