The "Palette" Widget

This widget provides a colourbar and selection of a single colour.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


Palette_ResourceNamesList of resource names for Palette widget
Palette_ResourcesList of resources for Palette widget


Palette_ResourceNames List of resource names for Palette widget

Name Purpose
XtNforeground The foreground pixel
XkwNminimum The minimum value
XkwNmaximum The maximum value
XtNvalue The current value
XkwNkarmaColourmap The Karma colourmap for the colourbar
XkwNvalueChangeCallback Callbacks when the thumb value changes
XkwNorientation The orientation to use

Palette_Resources List of resources for Palette widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XtNforeground XtCForeground XtRPixel XtDefaultForeground
XkwNminimum XkwCMinimum XtRFloat &zero
XkwNmaximum XkwCMaximum XtRFloat &one
XtNvalue XtCValue XtRFloat &half
XkwNkarmaColourmap XkwCKarmaColourmap XtRPointer NULL
XkwNvalueChangeCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL
XkwNorientation XkwCOrientation XkwROrientation "horizontal"

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