The "Postscript" Widget

This widget provides a PostScript output control in a popup.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


Postscript_ResourceNamesList of resource names for Postscript widget
Postscript_ResourcesList of resources for Postscript widget


Postscript_ResourceNames List of resource names for Postscript widget

Name Purpose
XkwNportraitOrientation If TRUE portrait orientation is the default
XkwNpageHorizontalOffset The default horizontal page offset
XkwNpageVerticalOffset The default vertical page offset
XkwNpageHorizontalSize The default horizontal page size
XkwNpageVerticalSize The default vertical page size
XkwNautoIncrement If TRUE, show the "Auto Increment" toggle
XtNcallback Callbacks when printing is started

Postscript_Resources List of resources for Postscript widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XkwNpageHorizontalOffset XkwCPageHorizontalOffset XtRInt 10
XkwNpageVerticalOffset XkwCPageVerticalOffset XtRInt 10
XkwNpageHorizontalSize XkwCPageHorizontalSize XtRInt 180
XkwNpageVerticalSize XkwCPageVerticalSize XtRInt 180
XtNcallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL

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