The "Twodpos" Widget

This widget provides a two-dimensional position input control.

Library: karmawidgets
Link With: -lkarmawidgets


Twodpos_ResourceNamesList of resource names for Twodpos widget
Twodpos_ResourcesList of resources for Twodpos widget


Twodpos_ResourceNames List of resource names for Twodpos widget

Name Purpose
XtNforeground The foreground pixel
XkwNminimum_x The minimum horizontal value
XkwNmaximum_x The maximum horizontal value
XkwNvalue_x The current horizontal value
XkwNminimum_y The minimum vertical value
XkwNmaximum_y The maximum vertical value
XkwNvalue_y The current vertical value
XkwNvalueChangeCallback Callbacks when the position changes

Twodpos_Resources List of resources for Twodpos widget

Name Class Rep. Type Default
XtNforeground XtCForeground XtRPixel XtDefaultForeground
XkwNminimum_x XkwCMinimum_x XtRFloat &zero
XkwNmaximum_x XkwCMaximum_x XtRFloat &one
XkwNvalue_x XkwCValue_x XtRFloat &half
XkwNminimum_y XkwCMinimum_y XtRFloat &zero
XkwNmaximum_y XkwCMaximum_y XtRFloat &one
XkwNvalue_y XkwCValue_y XtRFloat &half
XkwNvalueChangeCallback XtCCallback XtRCallback NULL

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