The "cen" Package

These routines are meant to provide strong encryption for channel objects. For greater efficiency and better security, data passed through should be compressed.

Library: karma
Link With: -lkarma


cen_ideaAdd IDEA encryption to a channel object.


ChConverter cen_idea (Channel channel, char read_key[EN_IDEA_KEY_SIZE], char read_init_vector[EN_IDEA_BLOCK_SIZE], char write_key[EN_IDEA_KEY_SIZE], char write_init_vector[EN_IDEA_BLOCK_SIZE], flag clear)

This routine will register converter functions for a channel so that all IO will be encrypted using the IDEA cipher in Cipher Feed Back mode.


Returns: A ChConverter object on success (which may be used in a call to ch_unregister_converter), else NULL.
Multithreading Level: Unsafe

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