The "ext" Package

These routines are meant to support loading of shared object extensions. NOTE: THIS PACKAGE IS WORK IN PROGRESS. THE INTERFACE MAY CHANGE IN THE NEXT RELEASE, POSSIBLY WITHOUT NOTICE.

Library: karma
Link With: -lkarma


ext_callCall an extension function.


ext_ENVIRONMENTList of environment variables


EXPERIMENTAL FUNCTION: subject to change without notice

unsigned int ext_call (CONST char *service, CONST char *function, unsigned int max_func, unsigned int *num_ok, flag allow_consumption, void *arg1, void *arg2, void *arg3, void *arg4, void *arg5, void *arg6)

Call an extension function.


Returns: The number of functions called. The value 0 is returned if no functions were called.
Multithreading Level: Unsafe


ext_ENVIRONMENT List of environment variables

Variable Meaning
EXT_VERBOSE Enable verbose output if defined

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