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B Setting up


B.1 Environments needed

The visualisation software is written using the Karma   package (a library for networked data processing and visualisation). In order to be able to use this library, a number of environment variables have to be set. There are two ways of doing this:

1) is to type:

source /usr/local/karma/.login

You can also include this in your .login file.

2) if you are using the standard .login file, select Karma


B.2 Operating Systems

All the programs here are available for Unix environments. I have ready access to the following platforms:

so I make binary distributions for these platforms. Karma has also been ported to the following platforms:

but since I don't have ready access, binary distributions may not be forthcoming.

If you want to run Karma under another operating system, I will try to make the executables for it if I can get access to a machine.

Richard Gooch
Tue Dec 26 15:27:11 PST 2006