VSOP Survey Status Database

Last Updated: December 24, 2002

A chart indicating the status of all the Survey experiments is given below. Each experiment is denoted by its observation code, with the observation code for any experiment being determined by cross-referencing the horizontal and vertical labels. For example, the status of experiment VS01a (analysis complete) is indicated by the darker shaded upper left-hand box. The flux density levels listed down the right-hand side of the chart indicates the overall flux density levels for the experiments in that row.

For a complete summary of all VSOP observations (GOT, IOC, as well as Survey observations), visit the ISAS Observation Status Database.

In addition,a complete summary of the correlation status of all observations correlated at the Penticton correlator is available in postscript format.

Finally, a VSOP Survey Source Information database is also available. This database contains information on those survey sources observed in the VLBA pre-launch survey.

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