Rotation Measures for Extragalactic sources

Below is a compilation of rotation measures (RM) for extragalactic sources. Please note, these lists are not exhaustive... Acknowledgement of use of these tables (particularly the "other" list given the time it took to compile) would be greatly appreciated!

Jo-Anne Brown
October 28, 2007


  • CGPS (Published E-table): txtfile   -   380 sources.
  • Reference:
    Brown, J.C., Taylor, A.R., Jackel, B.J. (2003) "Rotation Measures of Compact Sources in the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey", ApJS, V145, pp 213-223.

  • SGPS (Published E-table): txtfile   -   148 sources.
  • Reference:
    Brown, J.C., Haverkorn, M., Gaensler, B.M., Taylor, A.R., Bizunok, N.S., McClure-Griffiths, N.M., Dickey, J.M., Green, A.J. (2007) "Rotation Measures of Extragalactic Sources Behind the Southern Galactic Plane: New Insights into the Large-Scale Magnetic Field of the Inner Milky Way", ApJ, V663, pp. 258-266

  • Van Eck et al. 2011 (Published E-table): txtfile   -   194 sources.
  • Reference:
    Van Eck, C.L., Brown, J.C., Stil, J.M., Rae, K.M., Mao, S.A., Gaensler, B.M., Shukurov, A., Taylor, A.R., Haverkorn, M., Kronberg, P.P., McClure-Griffiths, N.M. (2011) "Modeling the Magnetic Field in the Galactic Disk using New Rotation Measure Observations from the Very Large Array", ApJ, V728, pp. 97-110

  • Other Published EGS RMs (as compliled by JCB): txtfile   -   905 RMs (some are multiple components).
  • References:
    Broten et al. (1988) [ApSS, v141, pp303-331]
    Clegg et al. (1992) [ApJ, v386, pp143-157]
    Oren and Wolfe (1995) [ApJ, v445, pp624-641]
    Minter and Spangler (1996) [ApJ, v458, pp194]
    Gaensler et al. (2001) [ApJ, v549,pp959-978]

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