CASCA 2012 - Graduate Student Workshop

The 2012 CASCA Graduate Student workshop was held at the University of Calgary on June 4, 2012. The outline of the workshop was as follows:

When students enter graduate school, they may not always know what direction it will take them. In fact, students may not even know what direction they want to go. The 2012 Graduate Workshop on June 4 will give students ideas of the various paths they may consider pursuing.

The morning will be focussed on helping students improve essential skills for continuing in the academic world. Dr. Eric Donovan will talk about the `game' of scholarship competitions and research proposals, and how to compete effectively. Dr. Jo-Anne Brown will talk about how to market yourself, both through CVs and Resumes (ever wonder what the difference is?).

After lunch, we will have several speakers come in and tell us ''their story". All of the speakers started in physics, but at various stages in their graduate careers, decided to pursue something other than an academic career. All of them have had interesting paths and all of them have successful careers that may be options for you. You will have a chance to talk with them one-on-one as well, through a coordinated `speed-dating' round. Confirmed speakers as of May 31 are:

1) Geoff Holmes - MSc. Physics: Research Scientist with Carbon Engineering.
2) Natalya Nicholson - MSc. Space Physics: Owner of Vision Financial Inc.
3) Jan Rubak - MSc. Physics: Software Developer at Fotech Solutions.
4) Frank Sander - BSc. Applied Physics: Senior Sales Representative for Baker Hughes
5) Emma Spanswick - PhD. Space Physics: Research Scientist and Deputy PI of PHEOS
6) Brenna Toblan - BSc. Astrophysics: Physics Teacher at Central Memorial High School

Following the workshop, all workshop attendees are invited to eat dinner together on the patio of the Black Lounge on campus; we will have a private section for us. After dinner, CASCA conference participants can walk over together to the opening reception of the main conference.

Morning Presentation 1: Scholarship and Proposal Writing
(Presented by Jo-Anne Brown)

Morning Presentation 2: CV and Resume Writing
(Presented by Jo-Anne Brown)

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